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About us - Our Origin Story

Every superhero has an origin story and the same is true for super teams

We began our journey in 2018 as a small team of seasoned professionals on a mission to help our largest client at the time rediscover the art of delivering quality software on time and on budget. Sounds simple, we know, but simple is frequently lost in large enterprises when multiple stakeholders are involved.

As it usually happens, success brings more work and we've been lucky enough to be recognised by our clients, so that our team grew six-fold in two years. We took on more projects and built dedicated teams for Cloud Applications Development, Cloud Migration and Business Applications with focus on Tableau. We now manage and support products and applications that operate in the United Kingdom as well as in France, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Our headquarters is in the beautiful seaside town of Varna in Bulgaria but our team members are mostly remote and work from various places such as the town of Plovdiv and the capital Sofia. Our sales and operations office is in the town of Reading in the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on being able to make remote teams work which also enables us to find the best talent without being limited to specific locations.

No company overview would be complete without dropping some core values. Ours are rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit, giving employees every opportunity to be brilliant and have true ownership of the products they build. We embrace the adventure on a daily basis and invite those who refuse to accept good enough to join us for the ride.

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